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Okio-Studio is a creative Surround Video Production House based in Paris, specializing in immersive experience for Oculus-Rift, and other virtual reality devices.

If the notion of virtual reality was outlined by the greek philosophy of Plato’s cave allegory and since inspired numerous sci-fi writers such as Philip K Dick, it’s now a reality and can be a part of our everyday life. Virtual Reality is an interactive and immersive computer science. It allows the experience of visual and sonorous illusions, of real and imaginary environments. We can then be immersed in artificial worlds, numerically created, or in simulations of actual aspects of the world. These past 2 years, virtual reality experienced an unprecedented boom, especially with the invention of consumer devices that will soon invade our everyday life. The Oculus Rift, invented by the young Palmer Luckey in 2012 and which was bought by Facebook in 2014. Since, Sony, Samsung and Google have also announced the creation of their own range of VR headsets to make it into one of their axis of development.
Write and produce all kinds of content for virtual reality, based on real shots, for advertising, events, short films, music videos or TV programming (sports, documentaries, fiction). More broadly, all the applications that Virtual Reality now offers such as the reconstitution of objects or historical sites, destroyed or damaged, as well as visits and presentations of geographic sites, conservation of cultural heritage… Our post- production team « St George studio » and our 2D and 3D animation directors are also at our disposal for all types of 2D, 3D, or actual shots integration. We can also include interaction to our different productions, whether through touch, or vision, or even any other custom made process to create together, around a project.
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